Protecting your Family

Financial security is at the forefront of the minds of most people and, when you are in a position of wealth, it is important to protect it, thus ensuring the financial security of your family no matter how your circumstances might change.


With endless options and products on offer, the prospect of planning your family’s financial future can appear daunting. However Shipman Monahans Wealth Management are able to assist in full with analysing your current financial position and selecting the best products on the market to match, ultimately creating a completely bespoke financial plan tailored specifically to your needs.


Before undertaking the search for suitable products, you will need to identify your aims and long term goals. Have you, for example, considered the following:


  • How can I ensure my family are protected in the event of my premature death?

  • How can I protect my income should I be unable to work?

  • Should I look at funding a pension or would an alternative savings option work better for me and my family?

  • How can my family and I be financially independent?


Our advisers are there to work with you and find solutions to all these questions. We will identify products which will allow you to use your money in the most efficient way to ensure the complete protection of your family’s future.

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