Business Protection

Every business experiences unfortunate circumstances at one time or another, and it is these circumstances which have the potential to have a significant negative impact on productivity and profit.


For example, a primary component of every business is its management team and the majority of small and medium sized business rely on one key person for strategic, financial or operational direction – sometimes all three. Therefore if this person experiences illness or injury it is important to have a backup plan in place which minimises the consequential impact on the business, so that it can continue to survive and flourish.


Shipman Monahans Wealth Management are available to provide unbiased detailed advice and support on safeguarding your business against such circumstances. Our independent financial advisers work closely with you to identify important details about your business, including key people, any income and outstanding debt, assets and any existing strategies you already have in place to deal with various possible events.


We are able to access all the current business protection packages on the market, and analyse your current needs, resulting in a bespoke package of business protection options. Such options include, but are not limited to:


  • Loan insurance

  • Key person insurance

  • Shareholder and partnership protection

  • Relevant life policies

Allowing us to work with you to choose the most appropriate products for your situation, you will be providing a financial safety net so your business is able to continue operating no matter what the future holds in store. This will allow you to maintain healthy relationships with creditors, clients and other stakeholders should the worst happen. Most importantly, you will be ensuring the continued successful future of your business.

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